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Our Chiffon

Our chiffon fabric is 150cm wide - A 1m length would be 150cm x 100cm

Chiffon is a plain-woven fabric with a fine sheen effect created by widely spaced yarns and can be made with different fibers. 

Our chiffon is woven from polyester fibers as polyester chiffon is a little more robust than other types and can tolerate a very light hand wash and an indirect ironing. 

Polyester chiffon was developed to mimic the softness and draping quality of silk chiffon for easier care. When washing polyester chiffon,  keep it away from other garments that might bleed colour onto it, and make sure that there's nothing that could snag the fabric, such as a loose hook.

All chiffons are delicate so it's important to be as careful as possible with your chiffon garment to preserve its beauty.


Never wring chiffon, as this will damage it and cause it to lose its shape. Lay the garment flat to dry rather than hanging it to prevent stretching.


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Our Lining

Our lining fabric is 150cm wide - A 1m length would be 150cm x 100cm

Our polyester lining adds a touch of luxury to our dresses as it's ultra soft and very lightweight.   We double line our garments to create a beautifully made dress with great shape, drape and overall structure.

It is machine washable on a delicate cycle